R&D high on the agenda

A piston ring is a piston ring is a piston ring, or at least that’s what most people think. But what it’s made of, how well it’s engineered and how effectively it seals the combustion chamber (more…)

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Comprehensive marine product range revealed

Precision Products (UK) Ltd offers a comprehensive range of piston ring products, and advanced coating technologies, for the marine market. Click here to see a short animated video giving an overview of the technology available from there UK manufacturing facility.

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Partnerships with licensees

Precision Products is keen to raise brand awareness amongst those companies which build engines under license in major shipbuilding countries, including South Korea, China and Japan. (more…)

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Training the next generation - jake-eyre

Training the next generation


Chris Medlam

Precision Products sees its apprenticeship programme as central to the company’s future, and Managing Director Scott Rhodes is determined that the unrivalled expertise of its senior engineers (more…)

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New MD reveals strategy for growth - Scott

New MD reveals strategy for growth

Developing new markets and growing the customer base are two key aspects of Scott Rhodes’ corporate plan for Precision Products. With almost two decades of experience in systems engineering –


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