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Manufacturer and supplier of piston rings and metallic seals to marine and industrial markets worldwide

PPUK is a manufacturer of slow speed 2 stroke, medium speed 4 stroke, and industrially applied piston rings and metallic sealing rings. We supply low to medium batch size products from our highly flexible manufacturing facility where we continually invest in a full range of specialised machines and processes. We also have an extensive range of part numbers held in stock in our 1250 sq.m. distribution centre.

With world class capabilities, PPUK offers a combination of technological expertise, industry standards, process capabilities and application knowledge. We are able to offer our customers a specialist and comprehensive service to meet ever-evolving product requirements. An extensive range of surface coating technologies enables PPUK to focus on the right technology to optimise the operating performance of our products. Alongside our wide selection of geometrical and material solutions, we can offer our customers the right solution for an extensive range of general or specialist applications.

At PPUK, our aim is to focus on developing delivered solutions in keeping with our core strengths, speed and flexibility, which in turn means that we are the development partner of choice for many customers within the marine and industrial sectors today.

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Product and process development is undertaken at the UK facility in Chesterfield alongside our extensive production facility. This allows PPUK to be a global leader in developing and delivering customer solutions at a pace unsurpassed in the industry.

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Precision Products (UK) Ltd (PPUK) was established in 1994 and is based in Chesterfield, at the heart of the UK. The company grew quickly over the years to become a world leader in the supply of piston ring solutions.