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Experts in Metallic Clear Coat and Piston Rings

PPUK provides expert design, development and manufacture of piston rings and metallic seals to meet a vast range of industrial applications. We offer piston ring and metallic seal solutions across diverse industries, including diesel railway locomotives; compressors; reciprocating pumps; special high temperature valves; hydraulic sealing – including hydro-electric and nuclear power stations; variable pitch propellors; guide rings for roller bearings; gearboxes; aerospace; and turbine sealing. The smallest product we have manufactured to date has a diameter of 12mm, and the largest has a diameter of more than 2,000mm.



With a comprehensive catalogue of cast iron specifications on offer including compacted graphite iron…

Ceramic Chrome plating


Producing all currently specified coatings including Ceramic Chrome plating, Plasma and High Velocity Oxygen Fuel …

Industrial Section


The biggest single application is for both 2 stroke low speed and 4 stroke medium …