When you are buying a product such as piston rings or metallic seals, you may think that the parts you buy from overseas are the same as those you buy from the UK. However, there can be major benefits to buying UK manufactured parts such as hydraulic rings or rings for gear boxes. Here’s why you should look for a UK manufacturer next time you place an order.

There are stringent quality checks in place

There are many reasons why quality matters when it comes to parts. These products are what keep your industry running, so good quality parts will help you avoid downtime and help machinery to function properly.

In the UK, a piston ring manufacturer will have stringent checks at each step of their production processes. You should look for a manufacturer who uses
BS EN ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems, as this ensures high levels of quality compliance and excellent service.

You can be sure of material purity

When you are looking for products such as metallic sealing rings, you may well be able to source them cheaply from overseas. However, you can’t be 100% sure what materials are used, or the metals that are being used are pure. Unfortunately, not all manufacturers are honest, and there can be occasions when you don’t get what you’ve paid for.

Buying products such as industrial piston rings in the UK means you get a quality product that has been made in the metal you’ve chosen, and not made with inferior materials to save money. This is important to avoid corrosion and for overall safety and efficiency.

You’re less likely to encounter delays

Many businesses are becoming less confident in buying parts from overseas, as there is so much potential for things to be delayed. For example, if there’s a no deal Brexit, there could be delays and also additional customs fees to pay. However, if you’re a UK based business and you use a UK manufacturer, the risk of delays is so much lower, as parts can simply be couriered to your door.

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