Company Quality Policy Statement

The objective of Precision Products (UK) Limited is to manufacture and supply Piston Rings, MetallicSeals, Guide Rings and Stuffing Box Equipment to our Customers requirements first time, on time, every time. These objectives are set out in our business plan by senior management who along with our staff are responsible for implementing the plan, along with the Quality control and Quality management system.

We recognise the need for continual improvement of the Quality Management System, BS EN ISO9001:2015, in order to provide products and/or services that guarantee our Customer’s total satisfaction.

We strive to continually improve the overall effectiveness of our business by ensuring that all personnel involved in meeting the contractual requirements of the Customer are competent to do so based on their training, skills and experience, and that they have the appropriate machinery, tools and equipment.

We strive to ensure that relevant legal and regulatory requirements, including those related to, Health and Safety, Environment, Data Protection, Equal Opportunities, Age Discrimination, Disabilities, etc. are complied with in all aspects of the business during the manufacture, storage and delivery of our Products.

The objectives of this Quality Policy are explained to our employees who have responsibility to have a positive input into its implementation and effectiveness.

This Policy is subject to review at least annually, normally at the Management Review meeting.