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Marine Engines

PPUK has become a market leading established brand for a substantial number of legacy 4 stroke and 2 stroke diesel engines, as well as our extensive range of current OEM products.

Our list of supported engines is comprehensive, servicing the full breadth of the market today. Our key strengths of quality, speed and flexibility, combined with our extensive range of materials and coatings, have enabled PPUK to become the supplier of choice across a wide market range.

If you need any assistance in finding the right product for your application, please contact us

Allen     S12, BCS12, S37, T47
ABC     DX, DZ
B & W   21/31, T23, 23/30, 25MTB, S26MC, 26MTB, S28, 28/32, G30ME, S/L35MC, G35ME, G40ME, K42EF, 42MC, S45H, K/L45GF(CA), G45ME, S46MC, S50H,50VT2BF, K50EF, 50MC, G50ME, K/L55GF(CA), 60MC, G60ME, 62VT2BF, K62EF, K/L67GF(CA), 70MC, G70ME, 74VT2BF, K74EF, 80MC, K/L80GF(CA), G80ME, K84EF, K/L90GF(CA), 90MC, G95ME, 98MC

Bergen     B, DG, RTG, RSG, LSG, LDG, KV, KR

Blackstone     ES, ER, EV, JP

British Polar     F, MN, T

Crepelle     SN, SNR, PSN

Crossley     ESL, ERL, HRN, HSN, HRL, CRL

Daihatsu     PS18, PS20, PS22, PS26, DS26, 28, 32

Deutz     428, 528, 628, 540, 545, 358, 366

Fiat     A230, A30, A320, 420, 550, 600, 750, 780, 900

Hamworthy     SF4, SF42, 2TM6, 3TM6, 2TF5, 2TF54, 2MF6

Himsen     17/28, 21/32, 25/33, 32/40

Kelvin     J, K, L, T

MAK     281, 282, 331, 332, 451-2-3, 582, 551-2-3, 601, M20, M25, M32, M43

MAN   16/18, 16/24, 17.5/22, 18/21, 20/27,23.5/33, 25/30, 27/38, 28.5, 30/45, 32/40, 40/45, 40/60, 40/54, 52/74, 52/55, 52/105CL, 57/80, 58/64, 60/105, 70/120, 70/125, 70/150, 78/155, 86/160, 90/160, 90/180, 105/180  

MWM   604

Niigata     L25BX, 32CLX

Nohab     F10, F20, F30

Mirrlees     TL, J, R, MB275, E, K, K Major, MB430, B, AL

Mitsubishi   200, 240, UEC37L, UEC45/80, UEC45/115, UET45/80, UEC45H, UEC45LA, UEC52/90, UEC52H, UEC52/105, UEC52LA, UEC60/160, UEC65, UEC85

Pielstick     PA4-185, PA4-200, PA6-280, PC2V, PC2-2, PC2-3, PC2-5, PC2-6, PC3, PC4

Ruston-Paxman     YL, YJ, RPH, APC, VEB, AR, AL, RK, RK215, RK270, AT

SKL     26/20, 36/24, 48A-2, 42/48, 72/48

Stork     R158, BR210, DR210, 215, 270, 390, TM410

Sulzer    AL20, S20, BAH22, AL25/30, ASL & AT25/30, BAH29, X35, TAD36, Z40, ZA40S, RTA38, X40, RD44, RTA48, TAD48, RTA52, RT50 FLEX, RD56, RL56, RTA58, RT60 FLEX, RTA62, X62, RL66, RTA68, RD/RND68, RTA72, X72, RD/RND 76, RL76, RTA76, X82, RTA84, RD/RND90, RL90, X92, RT96, RND105,
Yanmar      RAL, M200, ,AL, UL, T220, GL, ZL, N18, N21, T24, T26, N26, N28, N33, KL S185