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PPUK specialises in the development and manufacture of piston rings for major OEMS and the aftermarket in the maritime industry. The scope of product and specialist service offers a comprehensive range of piston ring solutions for current and future medium to large bore engines, up to 980mm bore size. PPUK has the ideal solution for all new build, engine service and refurbishment demands, and our application expertise ensures that we can develop the right solution for the right application, which is essential in meeting the unique demands of ship owners across the globe.




With a comprehensive catalogue of cast iron specifications on offer including compacted graphite iron…

Ceramic Chrome plating


Producing all currently specified coatings including Ceramic Chrome plating, Plasma and High Velocity Oxygen Fuel …

Diesel Engines


PPUK has become a market leading established brand for a substantial number of 4 stroke and 2 stroke diesel engines…



PPUK holds probably the most comprehensive stock of Marine Piston Rings in the world. We hold stock for the full range…