If you’re looking for marine piston rings, you may be overwhelmed at the number of piston ring suppliers and be unsure which manufacturer you can trust. Below we outline 4 effective ways to identify a high-quality, dependable piston ring manufacturer.

1. Research and development

You should purchase piston rings from a company who has dedicated a significant amount of their business to researching and developing the latest materials and coatings for piston rings. This ensures you are getting the best quality product possible, and are not purchasing from a company that refuses to adapt to new technologies.

2. Experience

A piston ring distributor should be more than happy to speak about their company history and experience with you. If a company is unwilling to talk about their experience with piston rings or how their company was founded, they should be avoided at all costs.

3. Customer service

Whether you are looking for marine piston or sealing rings, you may wish to talk at length about the different coating options available to you, or another feature of the sealing ring. For this reason, it is essential a piston ring manufacturer has friendly, expert customer service. When you contact a piston ring manufacturer, you should never feel like a burden, rather, you should feel like a valued customer.

4. Storage

It is essential piston rings are stored in specific conditions to preserve their quality. For example, they should be stored horizontally with a protective layer of oil. A company should be more than happy to explain their storage policies to you.

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