What is a piston ring?

Piston rings are fitted to seal the gap between the liner and the piston. An integral piston part, marine piston rings play a pivotal role in ensuring that the diesel engine functions perfectly. They are produced and classified according to their purpose.

Piston rings in a marine diesel engine

Similar to other types of internal combustion engines, a marine diesel engine operates with three or more types of piston rings. The smooth and efficient operation of a marine diesel engine relies heavily on the secured sealing of the piston rings and liners.

Functions of marine piston rings

Compression gas seal – Compression piston rings guarantee that there is limited leakage, which can result in decreased gas compression pressure. A leak in gas compression will lead to insufficient power to fuel the engine and a significant increase in fuel consumption.
Lubricating oil – Piston rings also spread the lubricating oil as it moves up and down the cylinder liner thousands of times per minute. This makes the piston operate smoothly, reducing the risk of friction and scuffing between metal parts.
Heat regulator – During gas ignition, the temperature inside a piston can go up to 300 degrees Celsius. If this goes further, intense undistributed heat can damage the engine. Piston rings help regulate the temperature inside by releasing and transferring heat from the piston crown to the cylinder.
A barrier – A piston ring acts as a barrier between the piston and the cylinder wall, which prevents frictional force and eventually engine failure.

High-quality marine piston rings

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