Piston rings are vital in any engine, making sure that the pistons are properly lubricated and can work as effectively as possible. This means that when they fail, the problems can be fatal for your engine, and stop your ship working altogether. This article will tell you exactly how to solve any issues that arise when you’re out at sea, and how to stop them from developing in the first place.

Run your engine at a lower rate

If you start to get an inkling that your marine piston rings could be having problems, one thing you could do in the immediate term is to run your engine at a lower rate of RPM, so the pistons don’t have to fire as often. If your pistons are going non-stop for hours and hours on end, you’ll likely see issues coming a lot faster than if you take it easier on your engine. Once problems start to emerge some people will try to gun it home in a panic that they won’t make it, but if you take it nice and calm your piston rings have a far greater chance of surviving the trip.

Perform routine maintenance checks

Before and after every long voyage you need to take steps to be sure that your engine is in top condition. Over time the lubricating oil in the rings can become mixed up with fuel chemicals, making the oil less effective and meaning that parts start to rub and wear down. This build-up of harmful compounds can be prevented by occasionally checking inside your engine and cleaning out any grime that’s started to build up. The piston rings will then wear less, and last longer.

Always carry spare parts

Breakdowns can’t always be as predictable as we’d like them to be. Often parts such as sealing rings will break under stress without any prior signs of trouble, that even the piston ring manufacturer couldn’t anticipate. If this happens whilst you’re out at sea, you could be stranded for a long time. In this case, having spare parts to put your engine back together could be vital. For all your piston rings, sealing rings, and rings for bearings, valves, gearboxes, and pumps, use PPUK! We provide trustworthy, reliable parts at affordable prices.