A marine piston ring is generally used to seal the chamber, preventing high temperature combustion gases from leaking. This ensures you get the maximum power output from your engine. Listed below are the different types of piston rings used in marine engines.

Compression Rings or Pressure Rings

This type of ring is located on the topmost groove of the diesel engine machinery. It seals the combustion gases by expanding outwards. Another notable function of air compression piston rings is transferring heat energy from the piston to the piston walls.

Wiper ring

Also called a Napier ring or Nasen ring, this is installed just below the compression ring. Its primary function is to clean the excess oil from the liner surface. In addition to this, it also serves as a back-up ring to prevent any gas from escaping the top compression ring. Wiper rings usually have a taper angle face that is positioned towards the bottom to provide a smearing action as the piston moves toward the crankshaft.

Oil Control Rings

As the name implies, oil control rings regulate the amount of lubricating oil that goes up or down the cylinder walls. They also help spread the oil evenly around the liner. These rings do not allow the oil to get past the space between the face of the ring and the cylinder. Holes or slots are found in the radial centre of oil rings to let the excess oil flow back to the reservoir.

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