Piston rings have many uses. Primarily they are used to seal combustion chambers in marine diesel engines. If you are searching for a piston ring manufacturer, you will most likely be overwhelmed with information about marine piston rings, some of which is inaccurate. Below we debunk three of the most common misconceptions about piston rings.

Myth 1: There is only one type of marine piston ring

This is untrue as there are multiple types of marine piston ring, each type of piston ring is suited for a particular function. For example, a compression ring seals combustion gases, a wiper ring cleans excess oil from surfaces and an oil control ring regulates the amount of lubrication in a cylinder wall.

Myth 2: Piston rings can be stored in any way

Although piston rings are hard-wearing, it is essential they are stored correctly to avoid them becoming misshapen and reducing in quality. Piston rings should be stored horizontally and have a protective oil layer to prevent corrosion.

Myth 3: Piston rings do not require maintenance

To ensure your marine engine is working as efficiently as possible, piston maintenance is required. Piston maintenance should be completed whenever an engine seems to become less efficient. Piston maintenance can be as simple as cleaning the piston rings or may involve replacing piston rings if they have become warped or are showing heavy sign of wear.

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