Piston rings, in general, are usually hard-wearing and long-lasting. There are times, however, when some maintenance is required to ensure your piston rings continue to work to their maximum efficiency.

How to tell when your piston rings need maintenance

If you notice a change in the performance quality of your engine or piston rings, the rings will most likely need replacing. Signs to look out for include excessive oil consumption and an unusual amount of smoke being released from your engine. If the chrome layer or additional coating on your piston rings appears to be wearing or flaking off prematurely, this is another indication your engine require some attention.

Piston ring maintenance

If you notice a problem with your engine or piston rings, you may need to remove the rings and carefully clean the piston and the grooves where the rings sit. Oil return holes can accumulate excess deposits which can be cleared away with kerosene or diesel oil. After cleaning, inspect the piston and look for any potential defects that may be causing problems.

When is replacement necessary?

After removing the rings from your piston, check if the grooves on your piston have become too worn, replacing the piston itself may be required. If after cleaning, and ensuring your piston is in good condition, your engine continues to operate with a decreased performance, replacing the rings may be necessary.

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