Aside from their ability to maximise power, marine piston rings can help to reduce the impact that your ship has on the environment. Here are just some reasons why these rings can help to make marine ships as sustainable as possible.

Decrease leakage

Sealing rings help to secure the gap between the piston and liner and prevent leakage. This would otherwise result in harmful substances escaping into the environment, such as fuel or contaminated water. As 70% of contaminated water is a result of industrial waste (, it is important to do as much as possible to lessen the impact. Marine piston rings can help to minimise water pollution and consequently protect marine life.

Reduced fuel consumption

Similarly, the ability of compressed piston rings to minimise leakage helps to reduce fuel consumption. If there was a leak in gas compression, this would increase the amount of fuel used, as there would not be enough power for the engine. As well as being an excellent energy-efficient measure, using piston rings can also help you to save money. Reducing the amount of fuel that is wasted helps to prevent financial loss.

Improved sealing

Compared to the levels of efficiency that would occur without the use of marine piston rings, carbon footprint can be reduced as a result of their sealing ability. Their sealing properties make their application on ships more efficient, helping to achieve a healthier environment.

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