Piston rings are a key part of any functioning vehicle body, whether it be marine piston rings for your boat or locomotive piston rings for your train. When you buy a piston ring, you expect assured quality and durability as it needs to perfectly seal the chamber of the engine. Marine pistons can require anything upwards of three rings fitted around their circumference at any time, so it’s crucial that all are in working order and possess no issues!

The summer months bring a drastic increase in the climate with them, so you should be careful to continually check up on your piston rings during this time. So to ensure you can thoroughly maintain your sealing rings, we’ve comprised a handy checklist of everything you should be looking for when it comes to spotting damage.

Visual damage

You should first aim to inspect your piston rings visually. A damaged sealing ring will have deep scoring on and around the skirt area, as well as damaged ring lands. Minor damage may be easy to repair but, in most cases, it is recommended to just get a replacement ring to avoid potential failure at a later point.

Performance damage

Many of the larger telltale signs of damage you should be keeping an eye out for this summer come in the form of decreased performance. The hotter months of the year tend to mean an increased use for many boats especially, so be wary of damage occurring quicker than usual.

Symptoms of impeding piston ring failure include a decreased amount of power in your engine, grey and excessive smoke coming out of your engine, or an increased amount of oil consumption as worn-down rings allow the oil to leak into the combustion chambers.

While summer is a time of increased piston ring failure, remember you should aim to complete regular maintenance and check-ups all year round.

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