Piston rings are a key engine component as they take care of several high workload functions at once. This, combined with the high temperature and corrosivity of their environment is one of the reasons that they go through a lot of wear and tear. An important part of engine maintenance, therefore, is knowing the signs of wearing and when to replace the piston rings.

Engine Performance

After a decrease in overall engine power or performance piston rings should be one of the first things to check on, as they are worn down the rings become less effective and towards the end of their lifespan, they are extremely inefficient. Catching the wear before they deteriorate to this point means that you can reliably avoid any serious engine problems.

New Smoke Produced

More smoke, or a different type of smoke, coming out of your engine is one of the easiest signs to spot when it comes to piston ring failure. Wearing of the rings causes physical gaps for oil to leak into other parts of the engine which produces smoke with a strong burning scent.

Increased Oil Consumption

The final sign is increased oil usage; oil escaping through holes in worn rings will not be used by the engine and consumption will rise as a result.

Remember to Also Check Sealing Rings

Sealing rings, also known as O-rings, are used for precisely what their name implies; sealing in liquids or gasses that you do not want escaping between joints that would otherwise leak. They are made from highly durable but flexible compounds; traditional rubber gaskets would be prone to rapid mechanical failure under the stress that these materials withstand.

Worn sealing rings will cause some of the same symptoms as piston rings so make sure to check on these too. They are cheap to replace so don’t hesitate to get yours fixed once they begin to show signs of wear.

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