Piston rings play an important role in both marine and industrial work. There is nothing more important than ensuring everything is running as it should be, which is why we are going to share with you our top 3 signs it’s time to change your piston rings.

Too Much Smoke:

If your engine doesn’t usually produce the smoke that you are seeing, that is one of the first warning signs that you may need to replace your piston.

This type of smoke will often have an odour that may remind you of burning oil. You may also see white, blue or grey thick smoke.

Why does this happen?

Piston rings that are in poor condition will allow engine oil to leak into your combustion chamber. This produces the smoke we described above.

Excessive Oil Intake:

There are two places you may notice a difference in oil due to old or damaged piston. The first is the amount of oil your vehicle is using.

Just as the damaged piston allows the oil to create the thick smoke we previously mentioned, it must also take in an excessive amount of oil.

That’s because the oil is simply being “guzzled” up.

You may also notice a large amount of blow-by. This happens when air and oil mixture in the combustion chamber escapes past the piston rings.

Overall Poor Performance:

If you detect that your engine is running slowly, whether its industrial or marine piston rings, you may have a sign that they need replacing.

A damaged piston ring will allow your engine to lose power. This is because there is less compression taking place.

Contact Precision Products:

If you have had any of these signs, or simply need to purchase piston rings – then you are in good hands.

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