In order to protect the quality and longevity of piston rings, it is essential that they are stored correctly, in the right environment. Below we explore the correct conditions to store piston rings…

Piston rings must always be stored horizontally

If the rings are stored vertically, they can become distorted which compromises their quality and efficiency. It is important a piston ring keeps its exact shape, so do not store the ring near any heavy objects that may bang into the ring and alter its shape.

Piston rings should have a protective oil layer

To protect the surface of a piston ring, it should be stored with a protective layer of oil, sometimes both oil and a phosphate treatment are used. The oil ensures corrosion does not occur and is simply absorbed into the surface of the ring. With effective treatment, the piston ring can be stored for extended periods of time without corroding.

Piston rings should be clearly marked and organised

Piston rings should be easily identified so they can be fitted correctly. If multiple piston rings need to be kept in one area, each ring should have a clearly designated section or have laser markings so they can be found and fitted easily and quickly when required.

At Precision Products, we store our marine, industrial and locomotive piston rings in the best conditions possible to protect their durability and quality. We are proud to supply a comprehensive selection of piston rings and stock our rings so that they can be efficiently dispatched to get to our customers as quickly as possible. For more information about the piston and sealing rings we have available, contact us today.