If you’re not sure how to fit industrial piston rings, we’ll cover everything you need to know in this short five-step guide. If you still have questions at the end, our technical experts will be on hand to help.

1. Fit with caution & use the right equipment

Piston rings must be fitted with care if damage to the ring is to be avoided. Using the correct tools is therefore essential; employing the wrong equipment could cause overextension as the ring moves over the piston.

2. Measure the gap to avoid overlapping

When metal heats up, it expands. Make sure the gap isn’t too small – or else overlapping could occur as the temperature rises. Leaving too big a gap can give rise to a range of other problems such as incorrect compression or oil consumption. Fit your ring into the bore and check its size using a feeler gauge before proceeding.

3. Avoid overstressing your marine piston rings

If the elastic limit of a piston’s material is exceeded, unnecessary stress will be exerted on the component. In a worst-case scenario, irreversible deformation could occur – meaning the cylinder bore would not be completely sealed.

Ensure the end extends no more than nine times the thickness of the ring. This will prevent overstretching that would otherwise permanently damage your product.

4. Make sure you fit pistons the right way up

Even the best sealing ring can be rendered ineffective if fitted incorrectly. Telling whether a ring is properly oriented can be hard – but there is a way to tell if you look closely. The upside has a special surface profile that an expert should be able to spot.

Failure to fit a piston ring the right way up could result in the destruction of the component or oil consumption issues – so check carefully before installation.

5. Make sure identification marks are visible

Take care to install rings so identification markings show on the top-side. In most cases, the word ‘TOP’ will be laser marked onto the piston’s surface to make it easier to determine orientation.

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