Stop a person in the street and ask them to explain what a piston ring does – they’ll probably struggle to give you an answer.

These days, many people take for granted the intricate combustion engines that drive the trains that ferry them to and from work, the cargo ships that bring them the goods they buy and the industrial machinery that manufactures those goods in the first place.

An engine can be a delicate, temperamental thing. Some engines, especially older models, were built in an age before the international standardisation of units, or to a specific size and purpose. These can be the hardest to service, to find replacements parts for or to keep running, full stop.

And yet older, more unique engines have an enduring appeal. Refurbished steam engines in trains or boats are run all over the globe by companies, museums and private individuals as tourist attractions, historical exhibits or hobby-horses.

Some shipping companies, in possession of a reliable engine that has served them well for decades, choose not to replace it for perfectly sensible business reasons.

Either way, as long as such unique engines exist, they’ll need bespoke, precision-built piston rings and sealing rings to keep them running. Here lies the importance of flexibility when you’re choosing which manufacturer to order your precision-made parts from.

Precision Products UK’s world-class manufacturing capabilities, flexible facilities and extensive stock of parts mean we can cater to almost any request, and make us the partner of choice for customers all over the world.

Our ordering process is designed to be as no-frills as possible — simply fill out our simple online form to give us an idea of the kind of part you require, and our technical sales team will call you back to finalise the details.