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3 Signs It’s Time To Change Your Piston Rings

Piston rings play an important role in both marine and industrial work. There is nothing more important than ensuring everything is running as it should be, which is why we are going to share with you our top 3 signs …
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Speedboat | PPUK

How to find the right piston rings for your boat

If you’re looking for marine piston rings, you may be overwhelmed at the number of piston ring suppliers and be unsure which manufacturer you can trust. Below we outline 4 effective ways to identify a high-quality, dependable piston ring manufacturer. …
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Ship's Streering Wheel | PPUK

Summer maintenance checklist for your piston rings

Piston rings are a key part of any functioning vehicle body, whether it be marine piston rings for your boat or locomotive piston rings for your train. When you buy a piston ring, you expect assured quality and durability as …
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How to remove carbon build-up from your boat engine

After a long period of time, black carbon soot can build up on the piston rings, cylinder head, valves, and cylinder wall of your engine as a by-product of combustion. This can impact the overall performance of your engine by …
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